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24 Vaccinations: Your Child vs. “The Greater Good”

By Marcella Piper-Terry, Founder of VaxTruth.

When people talk about childhood vaccinations, it becomes almost immediately apparent that this discussion is not one that is likely to be had calmly. I believe that’s because there are basically three “camps” – or three different types of individuals who are likely to engage in this kind of discussion. The first “camp” is the “Official” one. Those who represent this camp are often doctors, nurses, and other “public health officials.” This camp is also represented by the CDC, AAP, and other organizations such as “Every Child By Two.” From the perspective of those in the “Official” camp, vaccines are safe. The argument that is used to prove vaccines are safe is basically, “Because we said so and we are the experts.”
The other two “camps” are composed mostly of parents and grandparents; though admittedly there are some organizations that could be lumped into these groups, as well. VaxTruth, for example, is just one such organization. VaxTruth, like many of the other organizations that are lumped in with the parents, differs from the “Official” groups in that we make no money from either the sale of vaccines or from any other sources related to vaccine uptake:  whether it is higher or lower makes no difference to our financial bottom lines. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, we can talk about the remainder of the population who have opinions that are strong enough for them to weigh in, when it comes to vaccines.

Among the “Non-official” participants, there are those who are pro-vaccine and those who are labeled “anti-vaccine.” Among the “Anti-Vaxx” crowd, there is a lot of variability, much of which can be attributed to the “All-or-Nothing” stance we are forced to take, at least here in the U.S.  For more about why some of us align ourselves with this Anti-Vaxx group, please read the article, “We Are Anti-Vaccine Wackos. It’s Just What We Do.”
Those parents and grandparents who argue on behalf of the pro-vaccine side do so for their own reasons. I can’t speak for them because I am not one of them. My suspicion is that they argue FOR vaccines because they believe they work and they believe they are safe. I’ll admit, my views about this are from personal experience because I used to believe the same things. Notice the emphasis on belief. Belief is different from knowledge. Knowledge comes from research and experience. Belief comes from what one has been taught to accept without question. This issue of belief is exactly why the debates about vaccines become so heated. It is also why, when you view one of these debates from the sidelines, you may notice that those who have invested the time to do their own research will have more ready access to citations to back up their concerns, whereas those who are relying on beliefs will often use such language as, “I know because my well-respected physician told me” – or – “There is no link between vaccines and autism! It’s been scientifically proven!”  One of the things I learned during graduate school is that beliefs are the most difficult thing to change. That’s because they are so deeply held, and because they are taken on faith to be completely true. Sadly, for many of us who now find ourselves in the “Anti-vaxx” camp, it took our children’s health and in many cases, their lives, before we were able to alter our beliefs in the goodness of vaccines.
Without a doubt, the most frequent debate when it comes to vaccines is the one surrounding autism. This brings me to the question, “Has the vaccine-autism question been answered?”
Why don’t we ask Dr. Bernadine Healy, former director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Click here  to read about Dr. Healy’s credentials and to watch an extended video of Dr. Healy’s 2008 interview with Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News.
Not only has the question NOT been answered, it has not even been addressed. Injured children have not been studied because the government is afraid of what they will find. “The public health officials have been too quick to dismiss…”
What does this mean for YOUR child? Well, that depends on if your child happens to be a member of a “susceptible group” who is more vulnerable to vaccine-injury.  According to Dr. Healy, it appears there are those within the “Official” medical establishment (funded by the U.S. goverment) that do not care what happens to your child. If your child is one of those susceptible children, then so be it. The death or lifelong disability of your child is deemed by these ”Officials” as acceptable collateral damage so that other children can receive vaccinations that protect them from such deadly diseases as measles, chickenpox, and polio. This “greater good” concept is what is used to scare parents into vaccinating their kids, and to shame them into feeling responsible for what happens to other people’s kids if they even think about not vaccinating.
First of all, those “deadly” diseases may not be as monstrous as they are made out to be. Yes, during the early part of the 20th century there were large outbreaks of measles in the U.S., and yes, children did die as a result. However, in order to understand the true role vaccines played (or did not play) in the end of these epidemics, you need to look at the chronological information. Just when did measles stop killing so many people? Just when did the vaccine become available? And just when did the vaccine become widely utilized? Please check out the information available here  and see for yourself.
If the previous link did not provide you with enough evidence, this next set of graphs will. In particular, check out not only the natural incidence of decline of infectious diseases; also be sure to check out the increase in chronic illness and the mortality rate among infants and children. You will notice that as the number of vaccines administered to infants and children increases, the number of chronic illness and deaths among this population also increases.  Those in the “Official” camp will caution you to just be sure to remember the mantra, “correlation does not equal causation.”  Whenever I hear this, most frequently offered by pro-vaccine folks as the stop-gap measure to “prove” there is no association between vaccines and autism, I think to myself, “I wonder how many times the lights have to suddenly go out in the middle of a violent thunderstorm before people can safely say that the lightening strike preceding the thunder and then sudden darkness and silence are causally related?”  Of course, in the case of vaccines and autism, we’ve already heard from Dr. Bernadine Healy that the proof of causality, while it exists, is not as strong as it could be because those who make the decisions about what research to pursue refuse to do so because they are afraid of what they will find. I would alter this a bit, proposing that they are not really afraid of what they will find – they know what they will find; they’re terrified that you will find out what they already know, and that when you do, you will stand up and demand they be held accountable for what they are doing.
Aha! you may say…Dr. Healy is only ONE physician and she is no longer the director of NIH anyway. Why should we believe her? Those who have been misled and who believe (as my own family physician did until I gave him the proof) “there is no mercury in vaccines anymore” may think that Dr. Healy’s mention of mercury is proof that she was not up-to-date on this issue when she aired her concerns in 2008.  Just to clarify, there is still mercury in many vaccines. You are especially likely to get mercury if you follow the push for yearly flu vaccines. Click here  to find out more about mercury in vaccines. Click here to learn more about the flu vaccine.
To see what mercury does to neurons (brain cells), I highly recommend watching this video, from the University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine (Shown Below).  As Dr. Katherine Albrecht mentioned during our discussion last week, in the interest of informed consent, all parents should be made to watch this video before being allowed to give permission for their child to receive vaccines containing mercury.  I have to agree with Dr. Albrecht.

The problems with mercury have been known for decades, and it’s not just mercury. Aluminum does many of the same things that mercury does. Although according to the University of Calgary video, aluminum does not cause the same level of damage to the microtubules of neurons, this does not mean aluminum is safe.  If you want to learn more about this read the article by Dr. Russell Blaylock reporting on the cover-ups at the Simpsonwood Conference and conferences held regarding the toxicity of both mercury and aluminum.
If you have read much about vaccine safety, you may be familiar with Dr. Paul Offit; the biggest proponent of vaccines, and member of the Institute Of Medicine (IOM), which has declared with a great degree of certainty that vaccines are safe. I encourage you to watch the video clip below of Dr. Offit, promoting his book about the subject.

Dr. Offit is pretty impressive. Unfortunately he doesn’t understand neuroscience. If he did, he would realize that his argument about problems with the synapse being the cause of autism, he is actually MAKING the CASE for vaccine injury, since mercury and aluminum (both vaccine additives) are both NEUROTOXINS and damage the ability of one neuron to communicate with another by way of the SYNAPSE.
Dr. Offit makes a big point of the fact that in the previous year there has been the largest oubreak of measles in decades. 135 cases of measles, and 10% of those children had serious complications – measles associated pneumonia. For clarification: 10% of 135 is 13.5, meaning that when Dr. Offit is cautioning about the impact of measles, he is talking about complications that impacted less than 14 children in the United States in the last year – which was “the largest measles outbreak in years.” What Dr. Offit doesn’t tell you is that more than 50% of the measles cases he talks about have been determined to be from the vaccine strain of measles, meaning the children who got measles either got them from the vaccine, or from being exposed to someone who was shedding the virus after being vaccinated. This is the same thing that happens with many of the polio cases, but Dr. Offit is not going to tell you that. Dr. Offit’s statement that children get 14 vaccines in early childhood is also misleading and greatly minimizes the truth about the number of vaccinations U.S. children currently receive if they are vaccinated according to “The Schedule.”  Why would he want to be…less than honest about these facts? Watch the video clip below and draw your own conclusions.

And what about the AAP? Surely the American Academy of Pediatrics can be trusted to tell the truth about the safety of vaccines, right?
I don’t know if anyone reading this happened to catch the segment of “The Doctors” television show that aired a couple of years ago in May of 2009. The guests that day included Jenny McCarthy, Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, and J.B. Handley.  If you missed it, you can watch the first part of the debate that ensued below.

What I noticed is that when J.B. Handley stated that he is tired of physicians telling parents that vaccines are safe when the physician has not personally looked at the science, Dr. Stork blew a gasket. Dr. Stork began yelling at J.B. Handley and accusing him of “antagonizing me” and “personally attacking me on MY stage.” Dr. Stork then switched the topic away from vaccines and started talking about environmental toxins and dietary changes that may be contributing to autism. He was willing to entertain the idea that there are other toxins and seemingly benign things that may be problematic for our kids, but to question vaccines? That is out of bounds. Wait…I thought he wanted to have an open debate…
And here is the next segment.

Again, let’s have an open discussion, but not about vaccines, since we “Know the Truth” that “Vaccines have been studied and scrutinized” so let’s stop talking about that. Did anyone else hear Jenny McCarthy, Jerry Kartzinel, and J.B. Handley saying over and over again “They’ve looked at 2 vaccines and only one ingredient (mercury).” Drs. Sears and Stork continued to talk over their guests as if they could not hear what they were saying. They just continued to tow the party-line, from the AAP and the CDC. During the break, after the above “discussion,” Dr. Stork stated that they contacted the AAP and had received a statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics.  This is the official party-line:
  • “It is upsetting for families not to know what caused their child’s autism. While it is likely that there are many environmental factors that influence the development of autism, because of very careful and repeated studies we know that vaccines do not cause autism. We share the concern that additional research is needed to investigate genetic and environmental factors that may affect the developing brain.”
J.B. Handley’s response: “It’s maddening for them to put out a statement like that…scientific dishonesty.”
Who are you supposed to believe?
To boost The Doctors’ position that vaccines have been proven safe, Dr. Stork showed a clip from a previous episode where the expert, Harvey Karp, M.D. declared: “A dozen or so large studies that have shown zero association between vaccines and autism.”
That might be pretty convincing, IF any of those studies had included children with autism as part of the subject pool. But wait…this “expert” is declaring that 36 vaccines have been “proven” safe and to have “zero association” with autism, and ALL of that information has been gleaned from “A dozen or so” studies. In order for that to be true, each study would have had to cover 3 different vaccines, since “a dozen” goes into 36 (the number of childhood vaccines) 3 times. I would like to see those studies because I’ve looked at PubMed and they aren’t there.
Remember the American Academy of Pediatrics’ statement on “The Doctors?” Why would they declare 36 vaccines “safe” when only “a dozen or so” studies have been done and none of them have included children with autism? Follow the money.
Fifty-five doses of vaccines by age six. Wait, you might say…I thought it was 36! Thirty-six vaccinations or shots, but because so many are multi-dose shots (DTaP, MMR) when you add them all up, it’s actually 55 doses of vaccines.
Remember, it’s not just mercury that is neurotoxic, aluminum is a huge problem that most people haven’t even considered at this point. Here is a link to a very informative article about aluminum, which highlights some very good reasons to be concerned about injecting this metal into our children.  This article is written by Dr. Robert Sears. Dr. Robert Sears happens to be the brother of Dr. James (Jim) Sears of “The Doctors.” Both are pediatricians, but they apparently have some different views on the issue of vaccine safety. If you saw the episode of “The Doctors,” you may have noticed that at one point after being asked by Dr. Jim Sears about “the scientific studies” showing that diet is effective in treating autism, Dr. Kartzinel spoke about how so many doctors are questioning if diet works, but they are not coming to his clinic and actually talking to parents of kids who are improving. He also made reference to Dr. Robert Sears, saying something along the lines of, “Those who are saying there are no studies are not talking to your brother about what he sees at the clinic.” My hunch is that the reason Dr. Jim Sears appeared more rational and reasonable than Dr. Stork on the subject of vaccine safety is because he has had this conversation many times within his own family. Unlike Dr. Stork, who seems to be married to his position of “Devil’s Advocate” (interesting choice of terminology).
Dr. Stork is okay with talking about ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS as a possible contributing factor in autism, but he adamantly denies that toxins in vaccines (which are injected directly into the bodies of tiny infants) could have anything to do with autism. Let’s ask another physician (one of the .1% who disagrees with Dr. Stork, according to his own estimate) about her experience with autism. Dr. Stephanie Cave is a Family Practice Doctor in Louisiana. She is also author of the book, “What Your Pediatrician May Not Tell You About Vaccinations.” In an interview with Mothering Magazine, Dr. Cave stated:
  • We started testing hair, urine and blood samples…we found low levels of mercury in the hair and high levels of several other metals like aluminum, antimony, arsenic, and tin in the blood and urine. These children retain mercury, which is toxic to them.
  • …these children don’t have to be around a high exposure to metal – they just have to be around metal, per se, because they do not have the biochemistry to aid them in the removal of metals. I believe that’s because we have overloaded them with metal through the vaccines. We give them so much metal early in life, specifically through the hepatitis B vaccine given at birth, that their bodies keep producing metallothionein, which is what helps us to remove metals from the body. After their biochemistry is depleted, they end up with an inability to handle any metal at all.
  • Biochemist Bill Walsh of the Pfeiffer Treatment Center tested 503 autistic children…91% had deficiency of metallothionein. Neurotypical children did not.
To read the interview with Dr. Cave in its entirety, click here.
So, which sources of mercury and aluminum should we be concerned about?  Even Dr. Stork seems to agree that it’s valid to worry about environmental toxins and their association to autism.  There are many environmental sources of mercury and aluminum, especially where I live, in Southwest Indiana.  We have a lot of coal-burning power plants, and they put a lot of heavy metals into our environment. When it’s in the air, water, and soil, it’s hard to avoid it, which is exactly why it is so important to be able to detoxify. If your metallothionein is depleted, that’s not going to happen and metals are going to build up in your system. As a side-trip, this might be a good time to mention that when we talk about genetic predisposition and considering which children might be most at risk, we need to consider where the parents live and how many toxins are built up in the mother before she gets pregnant. The message is, “It’s all ADDITIVE.” It’s not JUST the vaccines, but if the mercury and aluminum that is injected into an infant on the first day of his or her life shuts down the baby’s ability to detoxify AND that infant lives in an area with a lot of toxins, ENVIRONMENTAL toxins are going to pose more of a problem for that child.
The problem is, Dr. Stork is thinking just like a traditionally-trained physician who practices traditional western medicine and is not open to considering any other points of view because that would be inconsistent with the party-line. He does not see the cumulative effect of toxins, but only wants to attribute the effects of poisons to those he is not involved in administering. This is the same kind of thought process behind his statement that there are increases in autoimmune diseases and all kinds of other diseases, and using that argument to establish as “truth” the “fact” that there is no connection between vaccines and autism. As Jenny McCarthy and Jerry Kartzinel pointed out during their visit with “The Doctors,” those other diseases are ALSO related to vaccines.
I found it interesting that nobody on the show brought up aluminum, and how this metal found in vaccines may be related to neurological and cognitive problems like autism and Alzheimer’s disease. On this subject I encourage you to go to PubMed and search for “aluminum with alzheimer’s” – I just did and I got 832 studies.
Do you know anyone with Alzheimer’s Disease? or “Alzheimer’s type dementia?” If you do, I would ask you to envision that older person as a young child with the same problems: memory problems, communication problems, disturbed sleep and wake cycles, anxiety and irrational fears, behavior problems, etc… Sounds like autism, doesn’t it?
Many pediatricians will tell you there is “No mercury in the childhood vaccines” anymore. This is not true. For a list of childhood vaccines that still have mercury (thimerosal) click here.  When you are evaluating how much poison is safe for your infant to have injected into his or her body, the following information may be helpful: 12.5 mcg. of ethyl mercury (thimerosal) is 25 times the EPA “safe level” for an adult. When Dr. Cave gave her interview in 2002 she talked about the vaccine schedule at that time, pointing out that at 2 months of age, children were receiving 62.5 micrograms of ethyl mercury from just two vaccinations (Hep B & Hib). 62.5 micrograms in a 10 pound infant is up to 125 times the EPA “safe level.” Dr. Cave went on to explain that mercury is a neurotoxin and as such, inhibits brain function. It also suppresses the immune system.
Dr. Cave relates, “When Hepatitis B began to be administered at birth during the 1990s, we started seeing ear infections beginning around two weeks of age, which was almost unheard of before that…they have antibodies to the basic myelin protein in brain tissue. These antibodies disappear after the children are treated and the mercury is eliminated.”
As noted, this interview was given in 2002, and according to the current information from the FDA and AAFP (American Academy of Family Practitioners) there is no longer 62.5 mcg. of ethyl mercury in the Hep B and HiB vaccine combination. However, as you will see if you check the information for yourself, there is still plenty of mercury to damage your child’s brain, particularly if you follow the newest “guidelines” and get the flu shot every year, beginning in utero. If 62.5 mcg is 125 times the “safe limit” for a 10 pound infant, I wonder how many times the “safe limit” 25 mcg is to a 1 or 2 pound fetus.
Okay, so you now know that mercury is a neurotoxin and it also damages the immune system. If you watched “The Doctors” show, or have seen other interviews of Jenny McCarthy, you probably know that Ms. McCarthy often talks about the importance of dietary changes – specifically the Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet. She has often noted that when she removed casein from her son Evan’s diet “his eye-contact returned.”
If you saw the show, you also heard Dr. Kartzinel talk about how some children produce opiates from certain foods (gluten and casein) and how removing those foods from their diet often leads to improvement in the “symptoms” associated with autism. Here is an explanation of how all of this is related to mercury:
  • Mercury and other heavy metals deactivate DPPIV
  • DPPIV is an enzyme that breaks down gliadomorphin and casomorphin peptides in the body.
  • Casomorphin comes from casein, the protein in milk and dairy products.
  • Gliadomorphin comes from gluten, the protein in wheat, oats, barley, and rye
  • Casomorphin & gliadomorphin are endogenous opiates – morphines – that make children spacy & irritable
  • Children with autism are spacy & irritable
This is why the GF/CF diet works. It is also why it is necessary. Mercury and other heavy metals deactivate the enzyme that breaks down the peptides that are formed from gluten and casein. When they are not broken down, the kid is making his or her own opiates and is therefore spaced out and irritable – just like any other drug addict. This is also why so many kids on “the spectrum” are such picky eaters – they will often ONLY eat things that contain gluten and casein (bread, pizza, pasta, cheese, milk, ice cream, etc.). The reason is because they are not seeking food for nourishment, they are drug-seeking. Just like any other drug addict, they are not interested in eating, they are only interested in obtaining their fix – and they get it from foods that supply gluten and casein. BUT, the important thing to remember, in this conversation, is that mercury inactivates the enzyme that breaks down those two proteins, so if it weren’t for the mercury, would these kids be addicted in the first place? Probably not.
The explosion of autism cases coincided with the doubling and then tripling of the number of childhood vaccines during the 1990s. Mercury was finally “removed” from the “childhood” vaccine schedule in 2002-2004, although there were still stockpiles of vaccines in doctors’ offices after that time.  The only way to know if your child was given vaccines containing mercury is to review the vaccine insert information. But, remember, if you are giving the “recommended” annual flu vaccine, your child is still getting 25 mcg. of mercury each year, unless you specifically request a mercury-free vaccine. And there is still mercury in a number of other vaccines, but you have to really look to find it. The language has been changed. Sometimes it is referred to as “a trace” amount that is used in the manufacturing process, but NOT as a preservative. What does that mean? It’s still there – it’s just not labeled as a preservative. So, get the vaccine insert and read it BEFORE you allow anyone to inject anything into your child.
Back to aluminum:
Remember Dr. Offit said that delaying or altering the vaccine schedule would expose more infants to disease…Of particular concern is the Hepatitis B vaccine given at birth. This has whopping amounts of aluminum, which hyperstimulates the immune system and shifts the balance from TH1 to TH2 – towards hyper-responsiveness (allergies, asthma, RSV, ear infections, and autoimmunity). One primary way to avoid this is by not giving the Hepatitis B vaccines unless Mom is positive for Hep B. There are some pretty good arguments that even if Mom is positive for Hepatitis B, the vaccine should be avoided, since by definition giving it after the baby has been incubating for 9 months in the womb of an infected mother is akin to shutting the gate after the cows have gotten out. It may make more sense to test the baby over a period of several months to determine if he or she is hepatitis positive, and to wait and see if he or she clears the virus naturally, as the vast majority of people do.
Unfortunately, we hear from experts like Paul Offit that delaying vaccinations during the first year will expose millions of babies to diseases that are preventable by vaccines. What to do????!!!!
What to do is research for yourself and not buy into the hysteria promoted by those who have so much to gain, monetarily, from vaccinating your children.
Remember, mercury and other metals (including aluminum) damage the immune system and impair the body’s ability to detoxify, making young children more vulnerable to damage from environmental toxins and viral and bacterial infections.
The Hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for ALL children on the FIRST day of life. Does your child REALLY NEED to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B as an infant? If you (mother or father) are positive for Hepatitis B, then the answer is … Maybe… Maybe Not.  This is a decision you will need to make after thoroughly researching all sides of the argument so that you can make an informed decision.  If someone in your immediate family, or someone who will be caring for your child on a consistent basis and from whom your child might be exposed to infected blood, then the answer is “possibly – your child is at increased risk.” Otherwise, the answer is “No.”
INFANTS ARE NOT AT RISK FOR HEPATITIS B! In 1991, there were 18,003 cases of hepatitis B reported in the U.S. out of a total U.S. population of 248 million. According to the October 31, 1997 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report published by the CDC, in 1996 there were 10,637 cases of hepatitis B reported in the U.S. with 279 cases reported in children under the age of 14. The CDC stated that “Hepatitis B continues to decline in most states, primarily because of a decrease in the number of cases among injecting drug users and, to a lesser extent, among both homosexuals and heterosexuals of both sexes.”
But Dr. Offit wants ALL babies vaccinated for Hepatitis B, not once but three times. I wonder if that’s because if they are going in for their Hep. B shots, they are also more likely to receive the Rotavirus Vaccine, for which HE developed the patent, which sold for 182 MILLION dollars. Hmmmnnn….
If you think babies and young children should be vaccinated against a sexually transmitted disease at birth, with a vaccine that contains up to 125 times the “safe” limit of aluminum (according to the EPA regulations), watch the videos below.

Wow! That’s some scary stuff. It must be the media exaggerating things, right? Yes. And No.
Remember when Dr. Kartzinel talked about how there is nothing in medicine that can be utilized universally without some percent of the population having problems? This is an example of what he was talking about. Aluminum is a neurotoxin and it damages the immune system.
So just how much aluminum is in vaccines that are “recommended” for ALL infants living in the United States? And what is the “safe level” of aluminum?
According to the FDA, the “safe level” of aluminum for full-term babies with healthy kidneys is 5 micrograms per kilogram per day. As Dr. Robert Sears points out, using this “safe level” determined by the FDA, a 12 pound, 2 month-old infant should be able to handle “at least” 30 mcg. of aluminum in one day. A 22 pound one year-old infant should be able to handle “at least” 50 mcg. of aluminum in one day. As Dr. Robert Sears states, the FDA “safe level” was determined from studies of premature infants with immature kidneys, so full-term infants with healthy kidneys should theoretically be able to handle more than the “safe level.” However, we don’t know because there haven’t been any studies done – at least none Dr. Sears (or I) could find.
Okay, so how much aluminum is really in the childhood vaccines?
  • DTaP (for Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis): 170-625 mcg, depending on manufacturer
  • Hepatitis A: 250 mcg
  • Hepatitis B: 250 mcg
  • HIB (for meningitis; PedVaxHib brand only): 225 mcg
  • HPV: 225 mcg
  • Pediarix (DTaP/Hepatitis B/Polio combination): 850 mcg
  • Pentacel (DTaP/HIB/Polio combination): 1500 mcg
  • Pneumococcus: 125 mcg
The above information is from Dr. Robert Sears’ article, “Is Aluminum the New Thimerosal?”
So what does this mean for your child, living in the United States and complying with the “recommended” childhood vaccine schedule?
Dr. Robert Sears does the math:
  • Newborn gets Hepatitis B injection on day one of life would get 250 micrograms of aluminum.
  • Repeated at one month of age with the next Hep B shot.
  • When a baby gets the first big round of shots at 2 months, the total dose of aluminum can vary from 295 micrograms (if a non-aluminum HIB and the lowest aluminum brand of DTaP is used) to a whopping 1225 micrograms if the highest aluminum brands are used and Hep B vaccine is also given.
  • These doses are repeated at 4 and 6 months.
  • A child would continue to get some aluminum throughout the first 2 years with most rounds of shots.
Okay, so going back to the issue of metals depleting metallothionein, and basically shutting down the body’s ability to detoxify other environmental toxins, you may want to ask yourself, is the Hepatitis B vaccine really something my child needs, if I do not have Hepatitis B?
Is your child really at risk for Hepatitis B? And is the risk worth the consequences of injecting aluminum (a neurotoxin and immunotoxin) into your child at levels that are exponentially higher than the “safe level” determined by the FDA?
Question: Is your child really at risk for Hepatitis B?
Hepatitis B
  • Is not common in childhood and is not highly contagious.
  • Is primarily an adult disease transmitted through infected body fluids, most frequently infected blood
  • Is prevalent in high risk populations such as: needle using drug addicts; sexually promiscuous heterosexual and homosexual adults; residents and staff of custodial institutions such as prisons; health care workers exposed to blood; persons who require repeated blood transfusions; babies born to infected mothers.
According to the CDC Guide to Action publication on Hepatitis B (1997):
“the sources of [hepatitis B] infection for most cases include intravenous drug use (28%), heterosexual contact with infected persons or multiple partners (22%) and homosexual activity (9%).”
Although CDC officials have made statements that hepatitis B is easy to catch through sharing toothbrushes or razors, Eric Mast, M.D., Chief of the Surveillance Section, Hepatitis Branch of the CDC, stated in a 1997 public hearing that: ” although [the hepatitis B virus] is present in moderate concentrations in saliva, it’s not transmitted commonly by casual contact.” (National Vaccine Information Center)
Once again, you as a parent are faced with a difficult question: “Who am I supposed to believe?”
Another question you need to ask yourself is “Just how serious is Hepatitis B?” You need to ask this question in order to make an informed decision about whether the risks associated with vaccination outweigh the risks of actually contracting the disease. The following information comes from the National Vaccine Information Center.
Hepatitis B is not a killer disease for most people.
Symptoms of Hepatitis B infection include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, low grade fever, pain and swelling in joints, headache and cough that may occur one to two weeks before the onset of jaundice (yellowing of the skin) and enlargement and tenderness of the liver, which can last for three to four weeks. (YUCK)
Fatigue can last up to a year. (Again, YUCK)
Translation: You will feel REALLY YUCKY for 6-8 weeks, and it may take you a year to recover your energy level to pre-illness status.
According to Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine (1994): in cases of acute hepatitis B most patients do not require hospital care; 95 percent of patients have a favorable course and recover completely; case-fatality ratio is “very low (approximately 0.1 percent).” (1/10th of 1% or 1 out of 1,000); and Those (95%) who recover completely from hepatitis B infection acquire life-long immunity (this is a good thing).
According to Robbins Pathological Basis of Disease (a medical textbook published in 1994), of those who do not recover completely, fewer than 5 percent become chronic carriers of the virus with just one quarter of these in danger of developing life threatening liver disease later in life.
Translation: Of the 5% of people who do not recover completely from hepatitis B infection, 5% will become chronic carriers and ¼ of them will eventually die from Hep B related liver disease.
What does this mean? It depends on which statistics you look at. Let’s take the worst-case scenario and go with the “200,000 new cases yearly” cited in the 1999 video from ABC’s 20/20 show.
  • 200,000 x .95 = 190,000 will recover completely (95% will recover completely)
Of the 5% of people who do not recover completely from hepatitis B infection, 5% will become chronic carriers and ¼ of them will eventually die from Hep B related liver disease.
  • 10,000 will not recover completely
  • 10,000 x .05 = 500 will become chronic carriers
  • 500 x .25 = 125 will die in later life due to liver disease
Are we over-reacting and over-vaccinating as a result? Remember, it’s not just the Hepatitis B we have to worry about, it’s the aluminum. We, as parents, have to weigh the actual threat of disease against the cost of “protection.” Given the amount of Aluminum contained in Hepatitis B vaccinations, AND the very low risk of young children becoming infected (if Mom is not infected), this particular vaccine does not seem worth the risk.
If Hepatitis B is not worth the risks associated with injecting aluminum directly into the bloodstream, AND if those who adamantly state that by delaying the Hepatitis B vaccines we, as parents are putting our children’s health at risk, maybe we should start questioning further the advise we are getting from those who rigidly follow the party-line put out by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Despite the declarations of the AAP and the CDC that the huge amount of money they receive from the vaccine manufacturers does not influence the advice they give to parents, delving further into the facts about Hepatitis B (one vaccine out of MANY the AAP and CDC have declared as “safe”) leads me to believe that these sources may not be completely vested in the best interest of my child – or yours.
PLEASE – do not follow blindly everything you are told by your pediatrician or family physician. Ask first if he or she has actually looked at the science, or if your trusted health advisor is simply following the party-line. And remember – ultimately you, as the parents, are the ones who are responsible (and who will live with the consequences) for the decisions you make about your child’s health. The pediatrician may order the shots, but he or she is not the one who will be raising your child for the rest of his or her life.
Educate before you vaccinate.


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