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David Icke Newsletter, January 30th 2011

The David Icke Newsletter, January 30th 2011

How the BIG LIE is being used to target human health and wellbeing.
Hello all,
You always know if something is part of the Orwellian conspiracy when it continues to be pushed and implemented despite all evidence exposing its lies and/or stupidity.
The examples are endless - including the mass introduction of full-body scanners at airports on the back of a blatant patsy burning his backside on a plane over America with a device that experts say would not have been picked up by full-body scanners.
The scanners were not forced upon us to protect people. They were sitting there waiting for the excuse to be manufactured to wheel them out and this is why we had the media blitz by Michael Chertoff, the son of a Mossad agent and former head of Homeland Security, immediately after old burn-his-arse, well, burnt his arse.
It just so happened as well that Chertoff's company represents a manufacturer of full-body scanners. These people never miss a trick when it comes to money, power and manipulation.
The same agenda-in-waiting and Problem-Reaction-Solution can be seen with 9/11 and the 'war on terror', the 'shoe bomber', Richard Reid, the bombings in London and, this week, in Moscow. On and on it goes.

But there is no greater example of this technique of ignoring the evidence and public opinion and just ploughing on regardless than what was once called 'global warming' and is now, after more than a decade of cooling, known in the propaganda as 'climate change'.
A UK Parliamentary committee proposed this week that petrol rationing should be introduced in the face of what is predicted to be a price of £8 - $12.5 - a gallon by the Summer.
The all-party committee of 20 Members of Parliament said this was necessary to deal with global energy shortages and the climate change crisis.
First of all, there is no shortage of oil, only a manufactured perception of scarcity to drive up the price to squeeze the public until the pips squeak - along with the banking crash/bail out, government spending cuts, soaring food prices and the rapidly increasing cost of virtually everything that moves, or doesn't.
There is nothing that generates mass price rises across the spectrum of society more than fuel costs because almost everything needs oil to either make or transport.
Companies with a fleet of ten trucks have already seen their fuel costs rise by an average of £14,000 ($22,000) a year and that alone is effecting the price of almost everything.

Secondly, there is no 'climate change crisis'. It is a manipulated scam to justify the imposition of higher prices and taxation, the will of the State on the fine detail of our lives and to poison and disrupt us chemically and vibrationally.
This is the real reason why laws are being introduced despite the long-past demolition of the 'climate change' lie-machine to force 'climate friendly' light bulbs upon us and ban those we have used and lived with quite happily all of our lives.
This is happening in Britain and across Europe thanks to the European Union and in North America thanks to the same global network. It is nothing whatsoever to do with the climate and everything to do with killing and suppressing the human population.
These so-called compact fluorescent light bulbs, or 'CFLs', are supposed to be good for 'fighting' (everything is a 'fight') the illusory global warming - good for the 'environment' in other words. In fact, they are lethal both to that and human and animal health.
And in the deep shadows behind the criminally-uninformed political repeaters, this is by design, not accident.
These lights contain mercury, without which they won't work, and mercury (also called quicksilver) is lethally toxic. Indeed, it is so dangerous, especially to the brains of children and the unborn, that it has been banned in many countries for use in a long list of devices including thermometers, vehicle and thermostat switches, and so on.
They did this because the use of mercury was considered unsafe. After all, Mercury is even more toxic than arsenic and lead (a sobering thought when you think that the ubiquitous amalgam tooth filling is made with mercury).

So what do they do now? They insist with new laws that we have them all over our homes, workplaces, stores and malls when every single bulb is a disaster waiting to happen. As I have stressed constantly - this is not by stupidity and incompetence at the point where the plan is orchestrated, but specifically designed to target the human mind and body in many and various ways.
Fluorescent bulbs are said to use less electricity and last much longer than conventional ones, but if a bulb is frequently switched on and off (it's a light for goodness sake and I thought turning them off saved energy) then they wear out rapidly - in some circumstances faster than the bulbs they are forcibly replacing.
What happens if one of the normal light bulbs (called 'incandescent') breaks into pieces, as they often do? We sweep up the bits and throw them in the bin, job done, no problem.
What do we have to do when an 'environmentally-friendly', help-to-save-the world fluorescent bulb breaks? Here is some helpful advice from the UK Health Protection Agency:
* Keep children and pets out of the contaminated area.

* Prior to cleaning up the spill, put on an old set of clothes and shoes, and rubber gloves.

* Never vacuum the affected area as this will contaminate the machine and result in the airborne release of vaporised mercury. A vacuum cleaner contaminated with mercury will have to be disposed of. Consult your local authority for information on where you can safely dispose of such equipment, or if you have any queries. A mop or broom should not be used as these will become contaminated and spread the spill.

* Elemental mercury that has been spilt on a hard surface should be picked up using masking tape, or swept into a glass container with a sealable lid using stiff cardboard to push the beads together. Check a wide area beyond the spill, using a torch to identify as much of the mercury as possible.

* The container, the cardboard and broken glass should be double-bagged for disposal. Then consult your local authority for information regarding disposal facilities, or if you have any queries. The room in which the spill occurred should be ventilated and the spill area should not be vacuumed for two weeks.

* If the spill is on upholstery or carpet, the mercury should be collected in a sealable container (see step 4). Remember, never vacuum the affected area as this will contaminate the machine and result in the airborne release of vaporised mercury which can harm health. If the mercury cannot be retrieved, the area of contaminated upholstery or carpet may need to be removed and disposed of as hazardous waste. If this is the case, the contaminated material should be double-bagged. Consult your local authority for information on where you can safely dispose of the waste.

* Do not use household cleaning products to clean the spill, particularly products that contain ammonia or chlorine such as bleach. These chemicals will react violently with mercury, releasing a toxic gas.

* Elemental mercury that has been spilt down a sink should be removed by dismantling the U-bend (water trap) and collected in a sealable container and disposed as hazardous waste. Mercury left in the sink U-bend will vaporise on contact with warm water and should therefore be removed to avoid prolonged exposure.

* Clothing that has come into contact with the mercury must not be dry-cleaned or washed in a washing machine and must be discarded, double-bagged, in the normal household refuse.

* Carefully remove rubber gloves by grabbing them at the wrist and pulling them inside out as they come off. Place the gloves and any contaminated clothing, double-bagged, in the rubbish bin for disposal.
The Health Protection Agency adds that we must 'remember to keep the area well-ventilated to the outside (open windows and run any available fans) for at least twenty-four hours after your successful clean-up. Continue to keep pets and children out of the clean-up area.'
It then talks about disposing of the bulbs at the hazardous household waste section of a waste recycling centre.
Got all that when your next fluorescent light bulb breaks? And there is just the little matter that there are an estimated 5.5 million light bulbs bought in the United States alone every day in a country that uses at any one time some four billion.
And every time one breaks you are into the procedure outlined above and even if they don't break they must be disposed of as hazardous waste.
The Ellsworth American newspaper reported how a lady called Brandy Bridges from Prospect, Maine, followed the official guidance and replaced the bulbs in her home with the fluorescent variety. But then one of them broke and what followed devastated her home and life.

The bulb broke in her daughter's bedroom and she called the Home Depot store to ask for advice. She was advised to call a Poison Control hotline where they passed her on to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

They deployed a specialist to the scene who established that mercury levels in the bedroom were six times the State's 'safe' limit (and who decides that?) for mercury contamination and she was told she should engage a clean-up company to decontaminate the room.

The bill to do this: $2,000.

And that is just one fluorescent light bulb in one home when eventually there will be some four billion in the United States alone.

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